Celebrating Latinx youth in Oak Cliff

Celebrating Latinx youth in Oak Cliff

Real talk,

My Oak Cliff is a neighborhood where everyone belongs, regardless of race, ethnicity, or how much money you make. Where our paleteros, seamstresses, and dishwashers coexist with our local business owners and newest residents. We are a community that welcomes one another rather than displaces each other.

Safe streets, vibrant neighborhoods, and investment in infrastructure in every part of Oak Cliff


I believe in an Oak Cliff that is as invested in preserving our culture as we are our historic buildings and historic neighborhoods. That we thoughtfully take action to when it comes to speeding vehicles because our neighbors should have peace of mind. Where we choose to encourage subsidies to developers who listen to the needs of our neighbors and act responsibly, allowing for all Oak Cliff families to enjoy the benefit of growth, rather than a select few.


I believe in educating our community, teaching families how our local government can work for them instead of against them. Showing them that policy can have a positive impact on their lives by giving them a voice to craft policy that too often ignores and forgets too many in our vibrant community. Through outreach and education we can lift up our most vulnerable community members and give them a voice in the process and in our future as a neighborhood.


And I believe the most important role of a city council person is to concentrate on the necessities that affect us the most, which is safe streets, safe neighborhoods, and investment in infrastructure - especially in the parts of our neighborhood that have been left behind.

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