My name is Giovanni Valderas, and I’m running for City Council District 1.

Too many families are still struggling to get by, which is why I sincerely believe we must have elected officials who reflect the community and who share our experiences, so city policies work for us instead of against us.

I am artist, educator, advocate, father, and son of a fierce mother from Guatemala and US Marine father from Dallas.

I grew up in Oak Cliff, moved from one rental house to the other, because we couldn’t afford the rent increases.

Unfortunately, this story isn’t unique to our communities.

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Real Talk

My Oak Cliff is a neighborhood where everyone belongs, regardless of race, ethnicity, or how much money you make. Where our paleteros, seamstresses, and dishwashers coexist with our local business owners and newest residents. We are a community that welcomes one another rather than displaces each other.


I believe in an Oak Cliff that is as invested in preserving our culture as we are our historic buildings and historic neighborhoods.


I believe in educating our community, teaching families how our local government can work for them instead of against them.


I believe in safe streets and investment in infrastructure - especially in the parts of our neighborhood that have been left behind.

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In The News

Join the Chanclas Squad: Dallas Artist Giovanni Valderas Runs for City Council

Valderas says that running for city council “is a natural progression for (his) practice…having seen the limits of advocacy.” He says, “I’m not a developer, I’m not rich, I’m not trying to get rich;  I think people really want a genuine voice and to know that there is someone at city hall who will always vote in their favor.”


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